Thursday, 10 September 2015

Yahoo mail problems and support

Yahoo is one which provides largest service within the world with several alternative social platforms like, flicker, tumbler, Yahoo mail, ID celebrity, Yahoo answer, Yahoo news, Yahoo messenger, Yahoo business, etc. And among these social platforms, the foremost exerted one is Yahoo mail, used for causing and receiving mails and sharing various files like images, videos and documents. Yahoo mail id was the primary email address for several users of young generation. Yahoo mail is best web mail service of millions of people.
These days, Yahoo email service is used by almost every business man and non-business man. Business man use the email service in the marketing sector for digital advertisement and non- business man also use the email in joint family or friend’s relationship and keep secure your personal data.

Yahoo email issue:
Yahoo gives the giant services and support but some time email services are very bad.  Everyone faces this most common issue when they are unable to open there yahoo mail account.
  • Yahoo account login fails as a result of the ID and password don't match. If you are totally sure that the ID, which can already be displayed within the field, is that the one you would like to access.
  • If it shows your password wrong and you try 2-3 more time. These time Yahoo account will be locked for some more time.

 If you make sure that the login detail are right but still your account is not opening. Some more reason of mail issue can be there.
  •  If you’re net connection is slow and mail account is not loading properly.
  • Anyone guess your account information like (password, id and other security information) when your account is blocked.
  • Yahoo mail sending and receiving problem

Yahoo mail support:
If you forget your password and want to reset your password. Simple instruction can be followed like you can click on forgot yahoo password and next click on yahoo reset password and enter the email id and new password. And finish your work. Yet you could be able to get your account more secure, you can dial Yahoo customer service number immediately. 

Are you facing trouble in sign in and other problems with Yahoo mail services? Yahoo help desk team solve your problem properly.  We are always ready for our users. For any Yahoo matter, you call us yahoo helpline number for yahoo support. It has really helpful services.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Contact Yahoo support for email service

If you want Yahoo mail problem support, just contact Yahoo helpline 0800 058 8156 and we will solve your Yahoo problems.

Yahoo is the famous search engine services provider. It is situated in America and had its headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. It was founded by Jerry Yang and David Filo in January 1994 and was launched on March 1, 1995. Yahoo is famous in all part of UK. Yahoo excerpts work for twenty four hours for its users.

 Yahoo provides various product and services to their clients and customers like search engine (Yahoo search), Yahoo email, Yahoo news, Yahoo answer, advertisement and social media.  It attracts "more than half a billion consumers every month in more than 30 languages.
Yahoo customer service number 0800 058 8156 is just simple to connect with Yahoo services.  The main purpose of Yahoo customer service number is to provide all the solution related to Yahoo email problem and also the technical support to the customers.

Yahoo customer faces many problems. Especially Yahoo email problem is normal for everyone. Don’t worry this will solve your problem. We mainly focus on customer satisfaction and to get immediate solution to all your queries. Yahoo phone numbers 0800 058 8156 directly connect you to our team member who listen your problem and solution according to your needs. For any problem you can directly call the number. We are available for 24/7.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Hotmail features for email account

Hotmail is the first free web-mail service provider in the whole world.  Many features reportedly coming out for Hotmail users. It provide two type feature for email like free and paid (premium) account.

Some important free feature list of Hotmail email account:
1. Limit of attachment size 25MB.
2. Limit of email sending maximum 100 massages only in one connection.
3. Maximum 35 languages available.
4. Hotmail sending rate 100 people in per day.
5. Hotmail totally collected data of 7.5 GB.
6. Hotmail provided the many themes.
7. Minimum after 90 days expire Hotmail account when non-activate of their account.

Some important paid feature of Hotmail email account:
1. Limit of attachment size 50MB.
2. Hotmail paid account provided unlimited storage data.
3. Hotmail paid account never expire.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Change a new password of your hotmail account

Everyone knows password is very important that keep it safe and secure your account. There are several cause when change your Hotmail password. Your Hotmail password so easy and then you want to totally change Hotmail protection password, you can follow approachable steps to resolve your query about  Hotmail change password

 Open a Hotmail account or “sign in your account (correct email id and your present password)” and “click your name and choose view your account option” as show in the picture:


Next go to account setting page in "password reset information" heading and then click on “change” link.

Now input an old password and new password. Last click on save button.  

 This time your Hotmail password so strong and not any issue your email account.

Yet, if you want any help and more information, you can refer Hotmail Reset Password