Saturday, 25 July 2015

Hotmail features for email account

Hotmail is the first free web-mail service provider in the whole world.  Many features reportedly coming out for Hotmail users. It provide two type feature for email like free and paid (premium) account.

Some important free feature list of Hotmail email account:
1. Limit of attachment size 25MB.
2. Limit of email sending maximum 100 massages only in one connection.
3. Maximum 35 languages available.
4. Hotmail sending rate 100 people in per day.
5. Hotmail totally collected data of 7.5 GB.
6. Hotmail provided the many themes.
7. Minimum after 90 days expire Hotmail account when non-activate of their account.

Some important paid feature of Hotmail email account:
1. Limit of attachment size 50MB.
2. Hotmail paid account provided unlimited storage data.
3. Hotmail paid account never expire.

Friday, 17 July 2015

Change a new password of your hotmail account

Everyone knows password is very important that keep it safe and secure your account. There are several cause when change your Hotmail password. Your Hotmail password so easy and then you want to totally change Hotmail protection password, you can follow approachable steps to resolve your query about  Hotmail change password

 Open a Hotmail account or “sign in your account (correct email id and your present password)” and “click your name and choose view your account option” as show in the picture:


Next go to account setting page in "password reset information" heading and then click on “change” link.

Now input an old password and new password. Last click on save button.  

 This time your Hotmail password so strong and not any issue your email account.

Yet, if you want any help and more information, you can refer Hotmail Reset Password